Shweta Minocha/ January 24, 2020

Knee problems are generally associated with aging, poor diet or an unhealthy lifestyle.  Did you know that the wrong pair of shoes can cause stress and imbalance in your body? Do you know even regular exercise cannot save your feet from pain and injuries? Each exercise

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6 Tips to Learn & Unlearn – Basics of Canada!

Shweta Minocha/ January 3, 2020

Moving to Canada!! WOW!! That is such an Exciting News!  Congratuleeetions & Celebreeetions…..lalalalalala 🎶🎶 Hold on! Before that, know some basics about the country, which is going to be your home soon. And, If I’m not wrong, you would definitely like your decision to turn out

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10 Beauty Products Every Woman Should Own!

Shweta Minocha/ November 29, 2019

Fill your beauty bag with the most essential makeup items that every woman needs in her makeup routine. But before that, make sure that you only buy brands that are consistently providing good quality products. The skin on your face is the most sensitive part of

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