Canada PR: Why it is important to consider pre and post planning before coming to Canada?

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There are two main stages to this process:

πŸ“ Pre Arrival
πŸ“ Post Arrival

Luck comes to those who work hard & are well prepared….quite right!

Indeed, all of you must have worked hard to get PR and ready to take a leap of faith. Meanwhile, many things considered beforehand will reduce errors and actually save both your time and money. So, get your affairs in order & here comes the Pre-arrival plan.

Chance favors the prepared mind.β€œ β€“ Louis Pasteur

Do you already have a job offer or will you search?

Moving to a New City/Country is a very big step and likely will result in a lot of expenses both expected and unexpected; there are no two ways about it.
Big congratulations if you already got a job in your profession. If not, don’t get disheartened, just keep looking & keep trying. You will get your desired job tomorrow.
Almost all the provinces have some programs to help settle new immigrants. Make sure you are in contact with them before landing in Canada. In addition, you do have access to an important online resource, official Canada Immigration and Citizenship website 

You must have heard or read a lot about the Canadian experience when searching for a job, most of it is true. The best solution is to give yourself time. Don’t be rigid in your choice.
The process may take some time until then, do not waste time sitting at home, start looking for a part-time job.
Part-time jobs are easily available, you will surely find a part-time job at coffee shops, supermarkets, packaging, quality assurance, administrative jobs in retail shops and/or labor-intensive manufacturing companies. This is the beauty of this country there is no dearth of such jobs in Canada. Anyone who wants to work can do as per their availability.

It is also good in a way because it is an opportunity to understand people and culture. This will help you later in your full-time job.
The best thing you don’t need any prior experience or “Canadian” experience to get these jobs. All you need is the necessary communication skills and etiquette to crack the interview.
Make sure that you pay great attention to your soft skills.

Are you on PNP and will land in a particular province?
Do you have the option to choose a city?

Coming through PNP, you have no choice but to land in the invited province. Whereas, if you have received an invitation through other immigration programs, you may have the option. Therefore, choose wisely, do your research and then pick the province/city that meets all your requirements.
And that includes:
☝ Your skill: Which province has more jobs for your skill type?
☝ Family: Which province is better for raising a family, for example, education, environment, security, property rates e.t.c.
☝ Other factors: Your family / close friend lives in the province?

Are you coming alone or with family?

You would need a minimum of a month’s time to understand the terrain, roads, transportation (bus, train transit) e.t.c. So book your accommodation for at least a month and that too close to the bustle of the city where you are not restricted in your movement and also close to government offices. This will give you time to get accustomed to the City/Country. Booking stay for a shorter period of time can be exhausting and you may not get time to look around and book a permanent place for yourself.

In my experience, a month is a good time to get familiar with the city and also to find out which area to live in as the area is important if you have school-going kids.
In Canada, public schools are great, children attend the school that is assigned to that particular area/locality (if going to a private school, the area does not matter). And you will need time to do all that survey.

Spending time beforehand on understanding things like health care, taxes, mortgages, insurance, basic cultural nuances will help you settle down with ease.

For Post Arrival plan: What benefits do you get when you land as a Permanent Resident in Canada and How to apply? Click on the link:

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  1. I am an international student in Toronto. I have a graduation degree from India .after study , which province i should move to get pr early . One of my friends living in New Brunswick. If I go there just after completing study here, what is the procedure to get PR . I love your articles. Thank you in advance

    1. Thank you! I am not a consultant, my website @ is for general information based on my experience, understanding, and observation of Canadian culture.
      There are many factors related to immigration, visit the official Canada website:

      Best Regards.

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