8 Best Travel Items for a Solo Trip

Shweta Minocha/ March 20, 2020

8 Best Travel Items for a Solo Trip Nothing can beat the experience of traveling alone. The experience one gain, the insight one obtains and the change it brings in an individual is hard to explain and can’t be described in words. The fun part, you

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6 Tips to Learn & Unlearn – Basics of Canada!

Shweta Minocha/ January 3, 2020

Moving to Canada!! WOW!! That is such an Exciting News!  Congratuleeetions & Celebreeetions…..lalalalalala 🎶🎶 Hold on! Before that, know some basics about the country, which is going to be your home soon. And, If I’m not wrong, you would definitely like your decision to turn out

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Trip to🚥🚥MONCTON

Shweta Minocha/ August 5, 2019

Have you ever noticed, how a short journey changes your outlook. Things that seem bad and difficult at one time, suddenly, appear simple and easy, as life has just blossomed. It changes everything around you, from mood to your appearance. You look good because you feel

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