My 3-week lockdown: Coronavirus Pandemic

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My 3-week lockdown: Coronavirus Pandemic

One of my readers suggested I should write about the Corona lockdown: how is it affecting individual lifestyles and what should we do to stay calm?

Well, I do not want to suggest here what you should do during this new pandemic lockdown because each of us is different and living under different circumstances.

I’d rather share my story, what we did in the last few weeks of COVID-19 lockdown to stay positive, focused and disciplined and how we managed to coped and maintained our sanity.

The last 3 weeks (Almost!) of being locked down have been very difficult for me and my family. It drained us physically, mentally and emotionally.  

first week

The first week was smooth, it was not difficult at all and quickly passed. That’s probably because it was a new virus and no one expected it to become something serious and massive in the coming weeks or something that could persist for a long time.

following week

Here come the 2nd week and it started getting on us. The news was shocking, the numbers were going up. We had plans for the weekends and the most depressing part, our summer holiday plans all looked dissipating. Everything came to a standstill. 

Staying indoors all day, and nowhere to go (except the grocery store) fueled anxiety and insomnia in all of us.

Staying up all night and waking late in the morning became a normal routine. We were having a harder time falling or staying asleep.

It can also cause depression and that’s exactly what I was going through after the first week of locked down. Looking at the situation, it was not looking good. Oh, man, my mind was wandering, this is it, now, this is the reality, so what are we going to do about it?

wakeup call

We got plenty of time in hand and imagine what innumerable things we can do with it. Staying positive was the need of the hour.

I made my best strategies, daily routines and methods to stay positive, strong and productive during this massive global crisis.

We began with the closet. This was a great opportunity to declutter the house which is usually hard on a day to day basis. I found so many unused items, lying for ages which might be useful for others. So, we packed a full bag of clothes and shoes for donation, also books and toys.

It made us extremely happy to clean the entire house as the mess only causes stress

the joy of plants

We also bought small indoor plants for our house. Seeing greenery and nature helped us feel more relaxed and calm. According to, being close to nature can reduce stress and anxiety as well as improve concentration and productivity in adults and children.

While I was doing research on plants, I found something very interesting: 

Although plants release oxygen during the day, it is worth remembering that, at night, when photosynthesis stops, most plants switch things up and release carbon dioxide. However, plants such as orchids, succulents, snake plants, and bromeliads do the opposite and emit oxygen, making them perfect plants for the bedroom (and getting better sleep)

Eventually, things were looking better!
Staying at home is not as bad as it may sound. Many things can be done at home to keep oneself active, engage and most importantly away from depression and feeling low.

The glass is not half empty, glass is also half full. Seeing the glass half full not only makes you happier, but it also makes you healthier and wealthier too.

embracing the new me

People make resolutions during the new year, generally. I made a resolution for the time that we are lockdown and unable to go out for fine dining, (take out services are open in the city though) I am going to learn new recipes and try on my family, hehehe, Poor them! 

So, I learned some new recipes, some turned out delicious, some a disaster.

It’s good to be able to laugh at yourself and simply be happy you tried your best.

One of the yummy recipes I learned is Guacamole, it’s an Avacado based dip. I loved it so much that it is now part of my everyday meal. I have it with Tostitos or spread it on my toast, a great substitute for butter and it’s healthy and super yummy! 

Remember: Staying fit and active is only possible if workouts are combined with healthy eating. And, eating healthy means having a meal cooked at home, prepared from start to finish, to be precise.

We cooked food at home every single day and also learned some amazing new recipes. Working together, for instance, preparing meals or learning new things with family can be of great pleasure as it helps to strengthen the bond and stay connected.

We enjoyed our time together and made some beautiful memories for life”.

short hike

Positivity is the first line of defense against all illnesses and is a perfect system for keeping us strong in body and mind.

We walk every day to keep ourselves healthy, strong and positive 💖

We walk every single day around our gorgeous neighborhood ( maintaining social distance) and at home, we practice yoga, meditation, exercise and anything that keeps us positive, fit, busy and motivated including Soccer, my son’s favorite sport.

The results were great, we were cool, calm and collected, no matter the situation.

the artist in me

I learned geometric art, another advantage I took of this huge amount of time in hand.

Surprisingly, the drawings turn out very well. I also drew a geometric art design on the same sheet with a car drawn by my son and it looked absolutely stunning. We are going to make more similar designs and get them framed once the shops are open.

Another activity we did together as a family. Again, it was a great experience, enriching and something that we would love to continue forever.

A lot of attention and concentration is needed while drawing a geometric design. Hence, a great activity not only for the kids but also for adults.

This was a fun experience, I loved this new activity, creating geometric art design, another fun hobby I found which can be done together with family.

Final design😍👍

Finally, I could see a big change in all of us. It was working, these were proven tactics to fireproof our sanity and ride out the crises. 

last word

Yes, we are living in a difficult time. Yes, this is a scary time but the question is how to keep oneself sane?

This global pandemic has proved how small we are. Also, how much power we all have to turn these bad times into something influential and meaningful for many many generations to come just by taking appropriate measures.

Wasting time is wasting an opportunity


⭐Look out for any opportunity to keep company with someone, even for a short while, either digitally or at home keeping them cheerful and away from anxiety

⭐Follow safety measures and practice things to keep your health in good shape.

⭐Use this quiet time of solitude and reflection to learn new things.

⭐Pay more attention to the healthcare guidelines and less attention to the numbers.

We can choose to be affected by the world or we choose to affect the world- Heidi Wills

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