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Trip to🚥🚥 Moncton, Part- II

After reaching Moncton (Click for👉🏻MONCTON BLOG), our first stop was the famous “Magnetic hill Zoo’. It was a super sunny day. Honestly, not a great day for a zoo trip, I reckon. For a comfortable and enjoyable trip, I would recommend going on a cloudy day.

The zoo was easily accessible. We saw many animals of all shapes and sizes including Tiger, Deer, Leopard and Zebras. The star attraction was the Lion, it certainly looked royal. Carribean Flamingos, were extremely beautiful. Next, we saw the Buffalo. His horns were huge, doesn’t seem so big on TV😲
The whole experience of seeing all the animals, birds and other species was fascinating⚡🔥

We were all having a ball, seeing all these animals so closely. I don’t even remember, when was the last time I went to the Zoo. It felt like a child woke up inside me. I was very happy to be there 🤸🏻‍♀️🏄🏻‍♀️😍

My son also did a pony ride, was so much fun watching him!.

Oh yes! before this gets out of my mind, I need to share this
Not so great part🥵🥺👇🏻

We also saw “Black Panther”. Oh my Gosh! It was amazing and scary both, at the same time, seeing him so close, walking along the fence. It was a meter away from us and I was scared to death. I know it sounds weird, but yes my situation was like that at the time. I did not imagine that I would be so scared.
Maybe, the way he was walking, he did not seem happy at all. At that time I wanted to run away, immediately leave the sight and I did.

They also have a food truck and small playground for kids with all the swings and climbing ladders in the middle of the zoo tour. Perfect time and place to refuel yourself .

To a large extent, Zoo was clean & well maintained. Animals looked healthy and were well kept. Staff were also polite & friendly. In short, it was a well planned zoo with the signs for direction and description given everywhere. Moreover, the gift store which was just at the entry was also good. Little pricey for obvious reasons, tourist store and all that.

Few suggestions🌈

– Wear comfortable shoes.
– Carry some snacks & drinks like soda, juice or water.
– Check the weather forecast before you make your plan and you are all set to go.
– Carry sunscreen

Sunscreen for Adults & Kids:

– Carry spray bottle moisturizer for quick freshening, such as “Jowae Hydrating Water Mist” and have a sun safe trip.

All in all, a nice place for the family outing 🤳🏻🐵🐰🐴🐦👪However, I wish it was a cloudy day, we would have spent more time. Since the zoo was big and there were many things to see and to complete the tour, it required a lot of time. Thanks to the weather that it was so hot, that we could not cover everything and rushing all the time. Although, we wanted to spend more time there 🐾


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