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Have you ever noticed, how a short journey changes your outlook. Things that seem bad and difficult at one time, suddenly, appear simple and easy, as life has just blossomed. It changes everything around you, from mood to your appearance. You look good because you feel good🧚‍♀️

So, to change our mood and recharge our batteries, we decided to take a break as we were quite busy and stressed for the last few days. We just wanted to go out of town for a day or two and get some fresh air .

To plan the trip, we needed to decide a place, OBVIOU!🙄😉😝

In a province like Nova Scotia, which is surrounded by beautiful cities, it is always difficult to decide the destination, due to endless options.

Sometimes, less options are good 👍🏽

We mutually decided to go to Moncton, which is in New Brunswick, about 250 km from Halifax. On Saturday morning, we had our breakfast and “off we go!”. We left at around 10 a.m, took trans Canada highway and reached Moncton by 12:30 pm.

“Travelling In The Company Of Those We Love, Is Home In Motion.” -Leigh Hunt

Our first stop, the famous Magnetic Hill Zoo. It was a super sunny day, honestly, wasn’t a good day for a zoo trip.

After the zoo tour, we went to the hotel. Our hotel stay was good. It was close to CF Champlain mall. I grabbed the opportunity and spend some time at the mall, browsing through the stores and having some me time in the evening. The city got all the stores and brands compared to Halifax.

I found this city beautiful and clean just like my city. There are also some fun activities, if you have some extra time like Go-karting.
Unlike Halifax, I found a great presence of French language in this city. On our way to Moncton, we saw billboards in French & English both. At one time, I felt like, we are travelling to Quebec. I also realized that almost all speakers are bilingual in Moncton, wow!! also, 32% of the population consists of Francophone, in Moncton. It’s interesting as with Halifax just two hours away, you do not see so much French influence.

Don’t be nervous! people do speak English in Moncton😁😛

We end the day, sitting at the hotel backyard drinking beer, having a good relaxing family time. The view was quiet and serene, the perfect end to a magical day💖

As every trip teaches you something, this trip has also taught me certain things, to keep in mind while packing luggage, in order to make the trip more comfortable and enjoyable, for everyone. As packing too much or too little, both can make you weary.


– Luggage should always be light. It will save you a lot of time to enjoy the journey, instead of wasting it on assembling, sorting, cleaning and packing bags.

– Carry disposable water bottles for travel and to make a few extra cups of coffee for the hotel.

– Prepare some food and carry them with you, for e.g, sandwich or vegetable rice, as you might not like the food there.

– If you like writing, take a diary and a pen with you. As for a day trip, you wouldn’t like having a laptop with you, I presume.

– Some spare cash.

– Camera.

– Carry spray bottle moisturizer for quick freshening, such as “Jowae Hydrating Water Mist”.

– Hand sanitizer.

– Carry travel size cosmetics to save space so the bag remains lighter.

Our trip came to an end, as we left for home the next morning. It was a short & pleasant trip and I guess that’s what we were looking for.

           “Keep travelling, keep on making memories”

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