6 Tips to Learn & Unlearn – Basics of Canada!

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Moving to Canada!! WOW!!
That is such an Exciting News! 

Congratuleeetions & Celebreeetions…..lalalalalala 🎶🎶

Hold on! Before that, know some basics about the country, which is going to be your home soon.
And, If I’m not wrong, you would definitely like your decision to turn out well rather than useless, right?

So, Consider the points below, before taking a huge step.
It will help in
> decision making,
> planning &
> settling down.

1. Time

Time is a valuable source because our time in this world is finite, that is why it is important and not only yours but also that of others! Respect it!
If you are called at a particular time, arrive at the same time, not at IST. Hope you understand! 
Nobody works here extra hours, only, if you’re asked to stay longer. Therefore, it is expected, you will reach the time when you have been called.
Be very specific with the time, it is always better to arrive early than late.

2. Do the Chores, No ifs & Buts!

Don’t be offended or upset, If you are asked to clean the floor or throw the trash, as you will be asked to do so, if on minimum wage. It is common & everyone does it. This is quite common in these countries, nothing special that only a few are supposed to do.
You will not find any Kaamwali Aunty or bhaiya(maid) in the workplace or at home who will do all that for you.
Don’t feel bad about it, just be prepared as it will be.
Labor is very expensive, whether it is shopping, loading or unloading the car, assembling furniture, cooking, cleaning utensils, throwing the trash. You have to do everything yourself.

Although you can hire, there are companies offering maid service. But, as I mentioned above, labor is quite expensive, it can be heavy on your pocket.

Interestingly, it has been observed that doing all the work by yourself not only saves time but also helps in prioritizing and scheduling your tasks. Is it correct?
Instead of waiting for the third person to come and help, (for instance, in India, where the majority of Kamawali (maid) are simply a pain in the neck because they never listen, they are never on time, a huge cause of stress in itself ) you do all the work yourself.
But, when we do things by our self, it saves a lot of our precious Time, Energy and Money! Jackpot💲

3. Do not expect

Everyone is sweet and cordial, but that doesn’t mean that you can reach their house at any given time of the day and you will be welcomed. Do not expect your neighbors or whoever you meet and become friends with, will invite and have a tea party with you.
Probably, they won’t even let you in.
Do not take it personally! Here, this is culture.
If you are not invited and you reach someone’s house, just like that, chances are more that you will not get entertained (exceptions are always there).

Maybe for a reason that there is always so much work to do, that no one has time to sit and chit chat.
This is why in western countries there is a system which everyone follows- text, confirm and go!

> On the other hand, in India, I mean in most cases, no one text, people just show up and whether you are prepared or not, welcome the guest, at least ask them to come inside the house and offer them water, tea or coffee.

Unlearn this habit of reaching others home without informing them.

4. Get ready to use your Facial Muscle

Smile when you see someone on the street, inside the elevator or wherever.
It’s okay! Greet everyone you see. It’s a polite way and shows you are social and welcoming. It builds trust and cooperation.

5. Do not call anyone Uncle Or Aunt

Any stranger, neighbor or colleague, whoever you meet, is 10 years old or 80 years old, never mind, call them by their Name! There is no Uncle Aunt here!
In a country like Canada or US, an Uncle or Aunt means you are related to that person. Are you? No, you are not! It is okay to call on his/her name. The culture here is such.
Yes, I know, this might be difficult for some, as, calling elders by their name is considered derogatory in a country like India.
Certainly, you need to unlearn the habit of calling elders, an Uncle or Aunt.

6. Give space

Do not try to jump in the queue or push in nor overtake unnecessary while driving the car.
Maintain a certain distance. Always be ready to give the right of way. Patience my friend!
As a matter of fact,
🎯you will see that things move much faster & smoother. 🎯Everyone gets a fair chance without any hustle.

Leave the mentality behind, that without overtaking or pushing , you’ll be stuck there forever. No, nothing as such.


Some points may seem rude or unacceptable. Good or bad, it is like this.
If you have decided to move to Canada, prepare yourself for some major changes.
Learning and unlearning certain things will help to adjust smoothly in an environment which will be your home for coming years or may be forever, who knows!

It is a great chance to see the country, understand the cultural diversity which cannot be experienced in any country other than Canada.

Congratulations Again & Welcome!

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  1. Great tips! I should definitely unlearn calling someone older as “aunt” or “uncle” . It’s what I’m accustomed here in my home country the Philippines 🙂

    Glad I stumbled upon your blog via the BSB FB group. 🙂

    – Hazel https://hazywanders.com/

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