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Oh, My Knee!

Knee problems are generally associated with aging, poor diet and unhealthy lifestyle. Moreover, it doesn’t matter if the person is a regular gym-goer or has an active lifestyle if he/she does not exercise for a particular muscle group especially the ones that need more attention, there is always a possibility of injuries such as knee/leg/joint pain or other issues in a human body.
Having said that, knee or other leg pain can also happen for a number of reasons, for instance, wrong exercise, no exercise and wrong pair of shoes to name a few.

the story unfolds

I wasn’t aware of this until a few months ago when I had to go to a physiotherapist due to severe knee and foot pain.

What started as knee pain turned into an extreme leg pain. Initially, it didn’t bother me much because I always exercise and after heavy workouts body pain is normal. It usually tends to come and go. But the discomfort I was feeling this time was excruciating, nothing similar to what I have experienced in the past. Despite doing everything I know to ease the pain: rest, ice, compression, there were no signs of recovery. Eventually, it got worse.

Self-treatment is appropriate for minor knee pain, according to the presidents of the American College of Physicians and the American Academy of Family Physicians, Nitin Damle and John Meigs, respectively. However, if there’s redness or if you have trouble with stability or walking, see a physician”.

I knew I have to see my doctor, which is not my favorite activity, but it was the need of the hour to stay healthy and active.

I took a few physiotherapy sessions, although this was not the permanent solution, bad news!

knowing the truth

Now the good news was, finally, I got the answer to why the pain occurs from time to time and what is the root cause of the problem? Since the whole problem was due to the wrong footwear and the exercises which I was not doing for the muscle group that required the most attention.
Knowing the answer, it was hard for me to believe because I am always into branded, good quality shoes. Comfort has always been my topmost priority more than anything. Unaware of the fact that my feet required specific types of shoes, I kept wearing the wrong shoes all my life.

A week after the sessions with both Physiotherapists and Pedorthists, my understanding of foot problems deepened. Consequently, it changed my entire outlook on branded shoes and workouts.

After examining my feet, the doctor asked me to wear shoes that are suitable and designed for the collapsed arches (I got flat feet, which means fallen arches) and also created a treatment plan: exercises such as eccentric calf raise, ankle inversion e.t.c in order to strengthen my inner knee and arch of the foot.

buying the right shoes

Without further delay, I purchased a pair of Atrex shoes for my daily use from the shoe store, “Oh My Sole.

About the store: The store serves the need for those requiring specialty footwear and solutions to support their pain and mobility issues.

Perfect Shoe store for someone looking for a customized pair of footwear.

Also, I bought a pair of sports shoes, “Asics”, from Sport chek. The brand I never considered when buying sports shoes my whole life.
I am always Nike/Reebok Girl”.
The store’s Sales Associate insisted on me to try them. According to him, Asics shoes are designed to support and provide additional cushioning for the arches. So, I did.

Indeed the shoes were extremely comfortable, providing additional support to the arches that were needed.

They both are now my go-to shoes, “Asics from Sport Chek and Aetrex from Oh my sole”.

Within a couple of months, incorporating everything my doctor asked me to do, i.e., correct shoes and exercises. I saw a big improvement in my legs, consequently, it improved my leg alignment and also was successful in strengthening the muscles, which strengthen the knee joint.

Note: When it comes to deciding on which store/brand to shop from, I can speak from my experience,(if you know the exact foot problem) you can shop from any store you like, just be sure that the employees are knowledgeable and help you choose the right pair for you.


▶Do not sit back when you are in pain, see a physiotherapist or use an orthotic device.
▶Customized shoes don’t mean boring and outdated. The companies are working very hard on their designs and styles to be in the game. Its a competitive place and everyone wants to stay in the business.
▶People like to wear fashionable shoes, especially when so much money is shed for a pair of shoes.
▶If you are doing the right exercise for the required muscle and wearing the right shoes for most of the day, rest assured.
▶In the future, you can also wear your favorite Stiletto. Yes, you can! Condition applied.
▶A small little change can be super effective in maintaining your healthy and active lifestyle. 

Good luck for the active lifestyle 🤗

 Put your strong foot forward 💃🏻

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