“Best Body Lotions” for Everyday Use

Shweta Minocha/ November 15, 2019

Repeated use of the same body lotion can be very boring. On the other hand, going for a new brand, the name you may never have heard of can be daunting. Shopping becomes stressful rather than a fun thing.Below is the list of best body lotions

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Shweta Minocha/ October 21, 2019

My hair! My life! My most precious possession! My hair is not only long and wavy, but also thick, in density. But, growing age, travel, family and work responsibilities had made them more dry and frizzy over the years. As a result, I was suffering from

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ENcOuNTer with TAmPoN!😅😆

Shweta Minocha/ October 11, 2019

It’s a sad story with a happy ending. OOPS! it’s a pad story with a happy ending😜🤣 Once upon a time, there were days in my life, I hated the most, that came every month of the year. Are you getting it ? I was afraid

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Trip to🚥🚥MONCTON

Shweta Minocha/ August 5, 2019

Have you ever noticed, how a short journey changes your outlook. Things that seem bad and difficult at one time, suddenly, appear simple and easy, as life has just blossomed. It changes everything around you, from mood to your appearance. You look good because you feel

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