What should you do during the Christmas/holiday season when you don’t celebrate it?

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I live in a city in which 90% of the population celebrates Christmas.
For me and my husband Christmas is about going out for fine dinning, shopping or simply just sit at home and chill out, but for our son, it’s a time for Santa, cookies & gifts. He certainly believes in  Jesus stories, Christmas, little magic during these holidays and all that it entails.

Exciting time for many but for some alter to a difficult time, who are away from their family & friends, also for those who do not celebrate this festival of light & joy.
In such a case, what can be done during Christmas?

Treat it like the festival you celebrate

Christmas is a lovely time of year with or without gifts. A lot can be done, during this time. Go out, look at the decorations, not only the shops but also the streets are beautifully decorated, like a newly married brides.
People string colorful lights around their homes and bring out their holiday best in efforts to reinforce the Christmas spirit. It feels so good, as if it’s Diwali.
Just looking at those decorations can elevate anyone’s mood. Chances are high that you will be happier rather than depressed.

Another thing you can do during Christmas, is visit the malls, get yourself and family clicked with Santa, enjoy shopping, as most stores offer great discounts which you can’t find throughout the year. This is the best time to shop, literally shop till you drop or have a fun filled dinner date at a fine restaurant.
If in Halifax, Canada, book a table for Friends and Family at Grafton Dinner Theater!
You will have an enjoyable time.

Shop Gifts

We don’t celebrate Christmas but we live in a country where it is a staple tradition, as stated by many.
It feels good to see how people can be so friendly and giving so I try my best to be a part of the festival and kinda give away sweets to anyone I talk to.

Take it as a reason, to buy gifts. Honor all people and their religious beliefs, and respect them for all that they are and all that they wish to be. Receive Christmas gifts and accept them graciously and in the spirit they were meant. Exchange holiday gifts with everyone. Enjoy the season of gifts.
We take it as a reason to buy gifts, lets be honest that’s the main reason why we like Christmas: the Presents 😘😊

Note: Just because someone gives you a gift doesn’t mean they’re asking you to accept Christianity! It’s important not to read too much into things.

Cruise out

Many cruise lines struggle to fill sailors in late December as families prefer to stay home and enjoy the season. When this happens, fare prices may decrease, making holidays much cheaper. Plan a trip for certain destination, for instance, both eastern & western Caribbean Cruises, can be economical to travel, during this time of year.
The cheapest time to cruise is usually in late summer and fall due to hurricane season but you can often find out about the bargaining season, especially in the early weeks of December and spring, according to cruisecritic.com .

All in all, it depends upon the person himself. Like, in my case, Our religion has nothing to do with Christmas and for us, it’s nothing but a reason to take a vacation, since mostly everyone around us celebrates Christmas and is a holiday time.

What should we Gift on Christmas?

Buy neutral presents, something simple, and keep them on hand. As far as the religious aspect, you could just buy anything you like, there’s nothing that says a gift buying in December is absolutely a Christmas present.
I’m not Christian but I buy everyone gifts! I get very much joy from giving my loved ones a little present once a year.

Do something special for the less fortunate

Pack a meal and include a small gift just to let them know you care. For the family who has little, provide a dinner with a few treats added, so they know that they are loved.
During this season, remember neighbors or friends who are alone, invite them to join the festivities.

Summing up:
Celebrate the season

We don’t celebrate Christmas, But it’s unavoidable where we live. I feel very blessed that I have friends who love me enough to gift me for their religious traditions that involve giving to the ones you love. It is good spirit and they mean well. Christmas celebrated by some, is still a season for all💞

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